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Alabama - Let’s All Go Down To The River (Live)

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Alabama and Gordon Mote - Official Video for 'Let‰Ûªs All Go Down To The River (Live)', available now!

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Let's all go down to the river
There's a man who's walking on the water
Come along with me
I want to see this man walking on the water

Well, he can raise the dead from the grave, change the water and turn it into wine
And he can make the lame walk; he can make the dumb talk
And open up the eyes of the blind
Oh, let's all go down

Jesus is the man at the river, and he's washing people's sins away
He can save the soul if you give him control, be ready for that judgment day
Let's all go down...
Oh, let's all go down...
Oh, let's all go down...

Written by Earl Montgomery, Sue Richards • Copyright © Universal Music Publishing Group

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